eCommerce Package

We are creative digital studio

we will add 6 products as demos

Maintenance Hours is if After Revision, there is a need for minor changes, are deducted from this time

14 working days to complete

Single 7 Pages: First page (Home, About, Contact, Product), Single Product page, Account, Cart, Checkout, Term and condition, Privacy Policy

Basic 11 Pages: Includes Home, About, Contact, Shop, Single Product page, Account, Cart, Checkout, Term and condition, Privacy Policy, Categories

Advanced 13 Pages: Includes Home, About, Contact, Shop, Single Product page, Account, Cart, Checkout, Term and condition, Privacy Policy, Categories, Blog, Single Blog

web design is the layout design of the whole website

only Admin can use it, it’s an APP for checking Order, changing products, not for customers to place orders etc…

tutorial will be provided for changing some words, or services/products

Free domain name, domain name is

mobile interface has mobile interface typography

the tablet interface has the typography of the tablet interface

Professional design and copywriting made specifically for your business

fast loading speed, URL beauty will not appear, optimized typography for mobile phones/tablets/computers

weekly backup of your website

https for websites instead of http, https is a method of website protection

will help you install Google Code on your website for free if there is a need for advertising

will help you install FB pixel on your site for free if there is a need to advertise

all images we use are licensed, not found in Google, unless you need specific images to be found in Google

the firewall used all over the world, 99.9% better protection for your website

security system to protect your website

professional email is, not Gmail/outlook

Basic e-commerce website features included (as follows)

PayPal, SenangPay, Online Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash etc

where you let users login/register

where users can view their purchase history, or change their address

can give discounts based on products/categories, with fixed discounts/% discounts

allows Admin to change/add products

you can view the purchase information, it’s clear who purchased when, what and how much

it’s the online store system that allows customers to buy directly online, you can view the video for details

add/edit/delete customer orders) (a place for Admin to change/delete/add bills

you can view information about purchases, who bought what at what time, and how much is clear

each product can give Review

each product can be managed in stock, each bill can indicate Processing/Completed/on hold, etc.

invoices are automatically sent to the customer’s email


Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design

The payment gateway that comes with this ecommerce plan allows you to accept credit cards and internet banking. We will integrate and setup Stripe as your default payment gateway or you can choose other payment gateways you prefer such as Paypal, eGHL, Billplz and iPay88.

  1. Place your order.
  2. Fill out your store information in the form.
  3. Our designer starts building your online store.
  4. Your Online Store Goes Live! (upon your confirmation)

We upload for you: 6 products
Self-upload: depends on the plan that you subscription

Total product upload allowed: 100/1000/3000 products

Customers may request up to 2 rounds of revision after the first website draft is ready.

Yes, we will provide the online store admin access to clients, which allows you to edit page content, add in products yourself, manage your orders and perform other update activities. However, other types of self-update are not permitted. If the client insists on performing other types of updates, GOHAT will not be held responsible for any complication or failure that occurs as a result of the update.

Kindly note that if client edited/changed the design code (or any other codes) themselves, GOHAT reserves the right to refuse any troubleshooting or code/content update request.

Strictly NO REFUND is allowed after confirmation and payment.

Your Online Store will be terminated.  For more enquirers regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our sales consultants.

Your website will be published within 30 days after the website draft is ready. The 30-day period of revision is final, and we regret to inform that no extension will be allowed.