Hostinger : How to Purchase Hosting?

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In order to create a website, you would need to purchase hosting account! What I suggest is Hostinger!

For starters, the best choice would be to get one WordPress Hosting:

1. Choose your hosting plan

After clicking the button below, you will be redirected to this page. Choose the plan that you want, but I recommended the WordPress Starter. Why? because from total value there will be better than Single WordPress Plan, WordPress Starter has FREE a domain and Single WordPress don’t, and SSL as well.

2. Purchase Hosting

Congratulation! you save RM400++

You may choose the duration you want! and the more duration you choose, the more money you save!
Click the checkout now! you will be redirected to the login page like the image is shown below.

3. Create your account

If you’re buying the account for us the build the website, DO NOT register as Facebook or Google, please register by using your Name, Email, Password.

After filled everything, click the button below to Create Account & Check out.

4. Choose Payment Menthod

Choose the payment method that you prefer, most Malaysians will choose FPX. After done the payment. Congratulation! you are successful you finish buying Hosting. Now you can contact us to start building your website!

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